April 21st-27th: Earth, Fire, Water

This week is particularly quiet, especially in comparison to the great amount of transits we experienced last week. A quick check-in with planetary positions shows that Mercury is out of retrograde, but is still retracing its steps through the shadow period in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter and Saturn are both in retrograde at present. Traditional Vedic astrology does not consider the movements of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto but it is worth noting that Pluto enters retrograde on Sunday the 22nd at 26 degrees Sagittarius. It will travel back to 24 degrees Sagittarius over the next five months, stationing direct on September 30th. Pluto is slow moving and creeps into our consciousness gradually, if at all. Its work lies under the surface, and it is said to direct things from behind the scenes, unseen. Vedic tradition tells us that Pluto is too far from earth to really impact our lives, as the gravitational field and harmonic resonance are just too distant. (Saturn is the furthest planet that Vedic astrology examines).

This weekend, the waxing moon is in Gemini. The gathering of information takes precedence, be it in subtle ways or more literal. As we shake off the dust of the Mercury retrograde, we strive for clarity in our connections with others and in the information we seek. The Mercury retrograde shadow period (which we are in through May 5th) creates a sense of deja vu. We reevaluate the lessons that emerged during the retrograde proper, and have an opportunity to integrate them into our lives. However, we have to be able to recognize them as such in order to obtain their benefits.

On Monday the 23rd the moon shifts into Cancer in the Pushya lunar mansion. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and so the qualities of both are enhanced. The watery world of Cancer connects to the energy of Mercury in Pisces, and our communications turn more emotional. Protecting those close to us may be a priority. Intuition becomes easier to navigate than cold logic. Those whose minds are more logical may be at a loss in their dealings with those who are sensitive to the movements of Luna.

Though the moon shifts into Leo and then Virgo throughout the course of the week, the energy for the week is a blend of water and fire. With the Sun making its way through Aries, and Mars transiting Sagittarius, there is a pull toward completion, achievement and activity. The watery flow of Mercury in Pisces and Rahu in Cancer may feel unwelcome, or else oscillation between more receptive, observant periods and fiery, impulsive and impatient cycles could occur. We have some grounding energy through Venus, who is now transiting Taurus, and Ketu, which is in Capricorn. In order to ground ourselves while experiencing any turbulent emotions, it can be useful to rely on a partner or intimate friend in order to channel the earthy Venusian partnership energy. It may be easy to sink into old habits, as Ketu lures us in with promises of the good life should we just let go of progress and return to what's easy and known to us. These energies tug us in different directions this week. Think of fire, water and earth as a triangle here. See that each gets its equal attention. Creativity and action, emotion and intuition, and more practical, physical matters... these do not have to be three entirely separate arenas. They can lean on one another for strength and allow us to feel more centered.

It is important to remember that the astrological climate is indicative of energy potentials. In order to flow with the energy on a particular day, it can be helpful to know the pull of the planets. We all lead different lives and have different passions and interests. Though each of our paths is unique, by understanding the planetary energy, we can figure out how to achieve our very different goals and missions. Think of a rainstorm. Everyone in the city has a different agenda for the day, but by knowing that a rainstorm is expected, they can alter their day as needed. Some of their plans are unaffected (inside plans, perhaps). Some will need to change or delay their plans for a different day. And others will just continue on with it, and bring an umbrella. We don't have to think of the rainstorm as something bad or good; it just is. I think of astrology this way. If you know that the day is more conducive to rest, you then give yourself a choice. You can stay home and relax, you can complete your day as normal and make sure you have time for a nap, or you can push on ahead and struggle to get things done but manage it anyway through hard work and persistence. By waiting another day, maybe those things that took you ten hours to complete would have taken five - but that's a choice, and a valid one for you.


Ash BrooksComment