April 28th-May 4th: Breaking Down and Building Anew

The full moon in Libra this weekend connects us in to the yin/yang balance. We are called on to counter the extremes within ourselves. The sun in Aries represents independence, pioneering drive and impatience to act. Libra cools this fire down and reminds us of the importance of work done in groups or pairs, and pulls us into the space of physical reality. Here in this world time and space exist, and we can't always create things instantaneously. The ideas we have must sometimes wait to emerge fully into the world. We enter the realm of compromise; here, we can have our ideas but have to unite with others in order to see them through. Maybe they are changed along the way. The full moon's energy represents the swelling of a cycle. We come full circle on something that we have been wanting for a long while, but in order to achieve its full realization we have to allow ourselves to be helped by another. For many, this type of vulnerability is difficult. It can feel overwhelming or scary, to allow ourselves to fully trust someone else. This full moon will bring rewards to those who are willing to let down their walls and work with others to achieve what might seem impossible alone.

This full moon takes place in the Swati nakshatra or lunar mansion. Swati is represented by the chatak cuckoo bird, native to India. The chatak is said to not drink from any water on earth. No ocean, lake, river or puddle can satisfy it. It instead waits for the rain to come down from the heavens, and drinks only what is provided for it from the sky. This type of faith and vulnerability is represented in the Swati mansion. By recognizing the current rush of Aries fire and seeing that maybe we shouldn't expect things to materialize instantly here, we open ourselves up to setting the course and becoming patient. Just because something doesn't happen immediately, doesn't mean it is not on the way. The chatak knows this lesson, and always waits for the rainwater to come, as it knows it will eventually.

On Wednesday May 2nd, Mars enters Capricorn where it will stay for the better part of the year (until November 6th). This is a very long transit for Mars, who is locked into the groove of Capricorn due to the upcoming retrograde. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and so this is not the worst place for such a long martial transit. This is a very good placement for us to get some serious work done this year on the physical, material level. Mars in Capricorn allows us to build secure projects that may take awhile to get going but have staying power. Financial difficulties can be eased by this transit, although it will likely not happen overnight. Capricorn is enduring and stable and if we mirror this energy we will have the best results.

Mars will be in conjunction to Ketu in Capricorn during this six month transit. Ketu is the southern shadow point in Vedic astrology, and is not a real planet but a lunar node. Ketu corresponds to the karmic pattern we have already established for ourselves. It is what we tend to fall back on but does not necessarily cause us to grow since it is so familiar. It can also indicate where our more difficult karma lies, and often indicates occult knowledge or our own relationship to the unseen realms. In Capricorn, Ketu is reminding us of our prior experiences on the physical plane. We may need to examine our oldest beliefs about career, money and our relationship to these. Often our early belief systems are put in place by observing our family and their belief systems regarding money and career. Mars in Capricorn offers us a chance to reset these in a gradual way. In order to move beyond habitual patterns in finance or confidence relating to career or creativity, we will need to look to our pasts. We cannot expect instant results. This is a slow moving transit, and Mars retrograde will only slow it down further. However, we can spend the next six months continuing to do the work and allowing change to come in. This will be different for everyone - for some it could have to do with growing a new business, changing career, setting new goals in their current career. For others it may have to do with residence, as in moving, buying or building a house or feeling stable in their lives. Mars in Capricorn impacts all tangible aspects of our lives, such as material wealth, place of living or our personal possessions.

We'll continue to discuss this transit in later weeks, but for now we can begin by starting to check in on our beliefs about these areas of our lives. Our beliefs may seem like rules of reality. They can just seem like a given. Often they are statements about reality like "money causes suffering", "artists can't be successful just doing what they love", etc. Perhaps we have many examples to back up why this is true. If you follow that statement back in time, you may be able to find when it rooted in your life. These often are set in place by our parents or families, but can also come from teachers, mentors or just observations of society in general. This doesn't have to be a negative experience. Any habitual thought tends to become a belief about reality over time, especially when it is validated by others. When we have a belief about something, we tend to continue to look for examples in the world which reinforce it. Challenge yourself to find your own beliefs that may be holding you back from doing the thing you would like to be doing. This is useful to do while Mars in Capricorn, as this transit provides necessary stability to keep us from flying off into chaos while doing inner work such as this. 

Ash Brooks