May 5th-11th: Slow Perception

This week, the focus is on speedy Mercury, who finally navigates out of Pisces and into Aries on Wednesday, May 9th. Mercury has spent the last two months in Pisces, when it typically only spends 2-3 weeks in a single sign. This is due to the retrograde that occurred back in April. Any time Mercury gets held up in one place for so long, there can be a sensation of tension that doesn't break. We may feel disjointed or disoriented. In Pisces, it was a perfect breeding ground for ideas and intuitive connections to flourish. However, Mercury was debilitated here in Pisces, and so was not at its strongest. When Mercury is strong, communication moves with ease and it is easier to understand and synthesize information. While this was possible on a more abstract level during the last two months, it might have been difficult to communicate these ideas that seemed to make perfect sense in our heads but were too colorful or strange for others to hold onto. 

Mercury will be here in Aries until May 27th, providing fuel to our mental fire. Aries allows for faster paced thinking and will help us to bridge gaps in communication in a timely manner. Impatience could result, as the Mars energy which rules over Aries doesn't deal well with waiting for events to unfold and would prefer them all to happen right now. Mars is currently exalted in Capricorn, which connects in to the Mercury in Aries transit and provides a stable foundation for our more energetic pursuits. It is possible now to manifest larger scale things in a faster time frame, as long as we don't become too frustrated or impatient. The stability of Mars in Capricorn allows us to see the larger picture and the steps that are needed to get there, while Mercury in Aries removes the fear filter and makes it easier to just act and get it done. However, we live in a world where we need others' cooperation at times in order to achieve certain goals. We can do all the work up to a certain point, but then find our project halted while we wait for someone else to do their part. This may be frustrating given the current astrological climate, but it is important to continue plodding along and to not give up or completely take over a project just to see it through. This transit impacts the way we view others' actions (slow) in comparison to our own (fast). This is illusory, and you may find that if you were to ask the other person, they may have a completely different take on what's happening. Emotions are removed from this particular transit (Mercury in Aries and Mars in Capricorn) so it is possible to hurt someone without even realizing it just by wanting to push forward and get things done, no matter what. By being mindful, it's possible to complete many projects and work toward larger goals while including others in the process.


Ash Brooks