May 12th-18th: All is Flowering

This week lets in the sunshine. We begin with Venus entering Gemini on Monday the 14th, where it will stay for a brief stint (until June 8th). Venus tends to be fast moving in general, as the inner planets all are, unless they get held up by a retrograde. Venus in Gemini keeps things light and airy, favoring mental connection over emotional. The current configuration of planets is far away from the more traditional realms of romance, and instead finds us connecting over ideas, conversation and mutual curiosity. This Venus transit activates the need for information, and to discuss theories at length with friends, family and partners. There is a casual air to this transit that does not allow for much emotional depth. This is not to say it is closed or cut off from intimacy, just that we may find ourselves falling in love with the words someone says, or the flow of the conversation we just had with them about something rather inconsequential, instead of connecting on a higher spiritual plane.

The mental realm is full of sparks of inspiration and an insatiable curiosity for the world around us. The sun shifts into Taurus on Tuesday May 15th in the Vedic world, which adds a degree of tangibility to these mental pursuits. We may be more interested in talking about concrete things, rather than theoretical abstractions. Coupled with Venus in Gemini, we are apt to want to get out into the world in order to gain inspiration from experience. This pair of transits is ideal for turning the natural world into a classroom of curiosities, leading us into new terrain with those around us. Venus in Gemini is social, and makes us want to pick another's brain in order to better understand them, and consequently, ourselves. We will feel more physically centered as the Sun enters Taurus, and may wish to engage in sports, exercise or simply wish to spend more time in nature. This is the ideal combination of transits for a long walk with someone who fascinates you, finding mutual inspiration in the shade of the trees and the color of the flowers.

As soon as the Sun enters Taurus, we find it in conjunction with the moon. This results in the new moon in Taurus on Tuesday the 15th. At 1 degree Taurus, this new moon takes place in the Krittica lunar mansion, known as the star of fire. This is a Sun-ruled mansion, and ignites us with passion and a large appetite for life. Krittica is not subtle, and its stellar points are said to cut those around them if not carefully wielded. This New moon brings an intense desire to remove physical obstacles. Here in Taurus, we may be called on to make changes to our physical bodies, or to give away possessions which we no longer need. Krittica is the ideal ally for cutting away that which no longer serves. This energy allows us to make changes without too much need for debating or regret. It could be useful to make some sort of physical change you have been wanting but have felt too scared to implement (haircut, donating old clothing, going vegan, signing up for an exercise class, etc). The energy right now is grounding and supportive, and will eliminate the constant waffling that can take place during more chaotic transits. You may find that you have better luck with making tangible, logical changes. Emotional issues may need a little more time to work through, unless you are okay with coming at them from an objective point of view.

Ash Brooks